6 tips to save if you come to London

6 tips to save if you come to London

If your budget is limited, you don’t necessarily have to give up on visiting London. Despite being well known for being one of the most expensive capitals, the city offers several ways to save quite a few pounds without detracting from the fun. Take advantage of the many free activities and follow our tips to save if you come to London.

  1. Low-cost flight and accommodation

When it comes to flights and accommodation, the golden rule is always to move well in advance: the sooner you book, the less you spend. Also, keep in mind the most convenient times of the year to book for London. From many Italian cities there are low-cost flights to London airports :

  • Ryanair is among the most popular airlines for cheap flights from Italy, and also the one that offers the most connections.
  • EasyJet often offers discounted fares and allows you to check-in heavier hand luggage without paying additional fees.
  • Monarch Airlines is a British airline that flies from Italy at a low cost.

In London you can find cheap accommodation, you just need to know how to search. The city center is full of hostels so you can always opt for a structure of this kind: cheap and offering spaces for sharing! We advise you:

  • Equity Point  – in the iconic Westminster neighborhood
  • Clink78 Hostel   – 15 minutes walk from the British Museum
  • Notting Hill Hostel  – in the heart of Kensington

Find out about our selection of low-cost accommodation in our article 9 low-cost hotels in central London.

  1. Save on transport: Oyster Card and alternative means

Of the public transport, you can not do without in the English capital. Of course, they are very efficient but not cheap at all so you have to keep in mind some tips if you want to save.

Purchase the  Oyster Card to gain access to all London public transport with a maximum daily spending limit.

Use bike-sharing. The service is FREE for the first 30 minutes after which the bike rental costs £ 2 every 30 minutes.

If you really have to take a taxi, it is better to use a  minicab, but remember that it must be booked. Kabbee is a comparison service of minicab fares in London that allows you to choose the closest and cheapest one.

  1. Eat low cost without sacrificing quality

With a few small tips in mind, eating in London on a budget isn’t an impossible feat.

  • Many restaurants offer classic tourist menus for both lunch and dinner.
  • The street food in London is a must. Street snacking is an inexpensive and extremely tasty option!
  • Choose the all-you-can-eat formula, unlimited fixed-price buffets with foods for all tastes, and menus for all budgets.
  • Play early with Groupon, there are many daily promotions with coupons to eat and drink at affordable prices throughout London.
  • Buy fresh produce at one of the various food markets such as Borough Market, perhaps to be enjoyed in a park or on the banks of the Thames.
  1. Low-cost shopping

If you are in London and want to indulge in a little shopping at affordable prices, you can always opt for low-cost clothing chains such as the hugely popular Primark or chains such as Poundland where everything – from food to accessories, to stationery – can be purchased for 1 pound or so.

Alternatively, visit one of the many markets , where you will certainly find a way to spend the right amount with satisfaction. Browse through our tips on where to shop low-cost in London.

  1. Free museums, attractions, and experiences

In London, you can not just say that it is the ideal destination for travelers on a budget but most of the museums, even the most important, are free. In addition, for an unforgettable visit you can count on a series of unique experiences to be granted without spending a single pound.

Here are some of the main museums with free admission:

  • British Museum
  • Science Museum
  • National Gallery
  • Natural History Museum
  • Albert & Victoria Museum
  • National Maritime Museum

We remind you that the 10 most important paid museums in London are free for London Pass holders and that in general to access the main London attractions for a fee, it is always advisable to buy your tickets in advance. This allows you not only to save money but also to avoid the hassle of long queues.

  1. Free and low cost guided tours

Taking part in one of the free tours organized in the city is undoubtedly an excellent solution to visit London on a budget. Alternatively, you can always choose one of the many low-cost activities: the proposals are numerous and the option is ideal for those who are attentive to the wallet. Remember that booking is essential!

Free Tour London LowcostSkip the Line: Royal London Free Tour

Take this free tour that will take you to Royal London and the City of Westminster. Expert guides want everyone to experience London regardless of their budget. That’s why they base their work on tips: if you think the tour was worth paying, you can leave your contribution.

Discover London’s landmarks on this 3-hour walking tour: visit  Buckingham Palace , the Tower of London , stroll through city parks, see the remains of the Ancient Walls, and more! The tour is free, excluding the cost of lunch and bus and metro tickets, which are at your expense.