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9 places to shop in London

There is no city that has an unbridled passion for fashion more than London. You will notice this by wandering the streets and looking at the street style of its inhabitants. Colorful, eccentric, sophisticated. Here you will find everything. It is no coincidence that it is one of the best cities for shopping. Between trendy shops, department stores, markets, luxury boutiques, there is everything you have always wanted and more. Have fun joining the crowd of fashionistas and venturing into the best shops in the City.

Shopping In London: 9 Shops Not To Be Missed.

1.Harrods – Brompton Road

There is no one who does not know Harrods. A must, even just to watch. It is in fact one of the largest luxury warehouses in Europe and one of London’s icons. The very special interiors are inspired by Ancient Egypt. Its slogan “from the pin to the elephant” and “everything for everyone everywhere” illustrates the variety offered by the shop. And inside there is really everything, from the hairdresser to the travel agency. In addition, you can indulge in clothes, accessories, beauty products, footwear, food. Before entering, try to imagine something you want to buy. At Harrods, you will find it!

2.Selfridges & Co. – Oxford Street

It is the second warehouse after Harrods. Here too you will find everything: clothes, make-up, linen, housewares, kitchen, stationery. The phrase “The customer is always right” is believed to have been coined by Selfridge, the first owner of the store. The building on the outside is one of the most beautiful in all of London, not only for its historicity but also for the fantastic windows that the warehouse sets up. Do not imagine simple product displays: Selfridges windows are real sets, sometimes animated, that fascinate everyone, without exception.

3.Primark- Oxford Street

This is a stage suitable for all budgets. Primark is in fact a huge store that contains clothing and accessories at unbeatable prices. You will find a lot of really nice things, without having to pass out. The place, however, is always super crowded, avoid going there on Saturdays and Sundays and choose a day of the week in the morning, when the British are at work or school. You will avoid mileage lines!

4.Topshop Topman – Oxford Street

The first rule of a London fashion addicted: you are not really trendy if you don’t know him. A true temple of English fashion, it is one of the most well-stocked and fashionable shops in the city. On its 5 floors, you will find everything at competitive prices. Clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up, more clothes, more shoes … If shopping is your passion, then Topshop is your mecca, where you will also find emerging designers, more up-to-date. Then be careful to cross some stars: it is not difficult to come face to face with some VIPs in this shop!

5.Marks & Spencer – Oxford Street

Here is another London department store. Inside you will find everything and more, from clothes to accessories, to household items, to food. This is precisely the “main dish” of the chain that sells foods that carry the chain’s brand and that are really good. Try the Peppermint Tea and wrap yourself in the aroma of mint. And if you are passionate about cooking, you will find an entire floor dedicated to all the tools, measuring cups, and spoons to follow the recipes, cookie shapes, and all the most innovative products for a perfect cake design.

6.Fortnum & Mason- Piccadilly Circus

It is a shop for tea and gastronomy lovers. Fortum & Mason, founded in 1707, also supplies the English Royal Crown. Do you want to try royal baby tea? Find it here. Its seven floors are crammed with jams, honey, biscuits, pastries of all kinds, and lots of tea. The best, of course, and the most traditional. Whether you want to pamper yourself or buy gifts, this is the right place for all gourmands.

7.Hamley’s – Regent Street

Toys aren’t just for kids, especially if you’re at Hamley’s. Seven, seven, floors dedicated to myriads of toys, each divided by section and category. Your eyes will never have seen more teddy bears, toy trains, dolls, wooden toys, or super tech all concentrated in one place. Every now and then you will also find wonderful themed sets. More than seeing a fairytale, you live it here.

8.Philip Treacy- Elizabeth Street

Do you know those weird and super eccentric hats that the Queen wears on the most important occasions? Or those extravagantly shaped hats of English Ladies during horse races? Do you want one too? Here, you find it at Philip Treacy. The famous shop, also famous in Ascot, where the chicest horse race in the Kingdom is held, does not sell simple hats, but real architectures of fabric and feathers for hats!

9.Liberty London – Regent Street 

It is worth taking a trip to Liberty if only to see. Prices are high, but the building is very distinctive. The historic and typically English wooden exterior and elegant interior will take you back to the past. Here the fashion is that of the most important brands and the latest designers. Very famous for its fine fabrics and fabrics with floral prints. Lightness, softness, flair in total British style.