A toilet that suits your bathroom and budget

Buying a new toilet is a matter of consideration and you cannot simply buy the product after searching for it through the internet. You need to consider a lot of factors and then you would reach a product that would perfectly suit your needs. In order to get the right product, you would definitely look for the design, color and other factors that play role in making your toilet look good, but these should not be the decisive factors for your purchase. You should make the purchase after considering more important factors like how much water it would consume on a daily basis and what are the capabilities of that particular toilet when flushing technology is considered. There are modern toilets which require a lot less water to flush the waste properly. This would not only lower the water bills but would also allow you to contribute a little towards the conservation of water.

Good Vs Bad Toilet

When water conservation is discussed, a good toilet would clean the bowl in a single flush and would consume much less water as compared to the bad ones. This is the new technology and you should go for it because only then you would be able to save water. A flush that uses less than 1.6 gallons of water per flush is considered to be a good toilet and if you are looking for an even better version, you can go for best toilet that comes with dual flush technology. In this technology a separate flush is available for liquid and solid waste.

Cost range of different toilets

Cost is definitely a significant thing when you are finalizing your toilet. There are different models available and you can go as cheap as $75 and can buy expensive toilets which may cost you more than $600. It depends on the flush system, anti-clogging techniques, material used and texture of the toilet. If your toilet is used a lot, you should never go for a cheap product because this would only increase the repair and maintenance cost and this would not be a value to money purchase. Gravity toilets are considered best for those homes where a lot of people live, and toilet use is excessive.

Tips on selecting the best toilet

There are certain things that you should consider when you are buying the toilet for your new washroom. It is not only the first cost that matters, you need to estimate the repair cost and the useful life of the toilet seat before you finalize the decision. In making a good decision, following tips and considerations would play a significant role:

  • Branded models are usually available after nice discounts. Check for these discounts online before making the final call
  • Compare different products online and check the ratings and feedbacks of different people. You can make a good decision only after you have compared the products.
  • Go for a toilet that has pressure assist technology if you want a cleaner bowl with minimum consumption of water. This is especially good to install where water shortage is faced.
  • Consider the size of your washroom, you can select a wall hung seat which would make the cleaning process quite easier.
  • Do not purchase the best toilet without taking the exact measurements. Normally 12-inch toilets are sold but you should be sure about the exact size and diameter, before you purchase the seat especially through online sellers.
  • If water conservation is your first priority, make sure that you have checked the products which come with dual flush technology. This technology best toilet will ensure saving water and would reduce the water bills to a great extent
  • Consider buying taller toilets for your home, especially if you have an elder member at home. These toilets are easier to use for people having back and knee problems

Selection of color for toilet seats

When it comes to the selection of toilet color, it is very important to make a prudent decision because the color would determine the value of your house after few years. If you have installed different colored toilets in your home, then it is likely to fetch less value for your home after few years. However, if you install plain and simple colors you would get much more return when you decide to sell the immovable property.

Purchasing a toilet is not easy, especially if you do not have a prior experience. It is better to research market a lot before making the final decision. There are a lot of options available now and selection of best toilet would primarily depend on the preferences you make. If you have no experience, you should consult a relevant person or should make a search of toilets in budget over the internet. Internet is a great platform to get an idea about the prices of different products under same brand.

The repair and maintenance of these toilets is another important thing that plays its role when it comes to make a good decision. You should not buy a product whose parts are not easily available in the market because after a year or so, you would be required to replace some parts and it would get a serious issue in finding those parts. Buying a mid-range toilet with easy availability of spare parts might be the best thing to do when you have to purchase toilet commodes.