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Buckingham Palace is the residence of the British monarchs and also a site used for official court ceremonies. It has an amazing architectural value and houses many works of art of unquestionable value. Many of them belong to the Royal Collection, various paintings, sculptures. And other works of art that the royal family has been collecting over the years.

Inside this palace, numerous architectural styles merge, resulting in a building of exquisite good taste. The Belle Époque, the Georgian period, and even certain elements that have been taken from Chinese tradition are some of the features that make the various rooms and corners of Buckingham Palace so special.

Buckingham Gardens are the largest private green spaces in London. They have a beautiful artificial lake that was created in 1828 and receives water from the lake in Hyde Park, Serpentine.

Brief Historical Summary About Buckingham

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In the 19th and 20th centuries, important renovations would be carried out on the building. The most outstanding was the construction of the facade. And the balcony is so characteristic of this building, from which the royal family looks out to greet their people.

Although during the First World War, Buckingham Palace remained intact, the same did not happen during the second. The Nazis believed that if they shot it down they would demoralize the entire nation and conquer England. During this period the palace suffered extensive damage; the most notable was the one that destroyed the royal chapel. From this historical moment dates one of the famous phrases of Queen Elizabeth. “I’m glad they bombed our house, now I can look people in the East End in the eye”. Referring to the extensive damage being experienced in this area of ​​London.

Today it is one of the most visited and photographed sites by tourists who come to London.

What To See At Buckingham Palace?

If you are interested in visiting this building, you should keep in mind that you will not be able to do so at any time. You can only enter between the period between July and September. The time when the royal family is not in the residence because they are on vacation.

Changing of the guard

This is one of the shows that most attract travelers to Buckingham Palace. It is a military parade that is accompanied by a musical band that varies according to the day of the week. The show lasts 45 minutes. From January to March (weather conditions permitting) the changing of the guard takes place at 11 am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. From March to June it is also possible to witness the changing of the guard on Saturday. After June and throughout the summer season, the changing of the guard show takes place every day of the week at the same time, 11 in the morning. If you are interested in witnessing this show, we recommend you check the schedules on the official website of the British Army.


Walking through the impressive halls of Buckingham Palace will be an experience that you will not be able to forget in life. A guide will take you through the various rooms and will tell you extremely interesting details about this building.

Royal garages

Visiting Buckingham Palace is amazing and on this walk. You can get closer to the garages where the tools and everything related to the royal family’s riding clothing have been stored for centuries is extremely interesting. You will be able to observe very well-kept cars that date from another era; in which Queen Victoria and other important monarchs in the history of London have walked.

Queen’s Gallery

For many, this is the most beautiful part of the walkthrough of Buckingham Palace. Going through this imposing gallery that is well cared. In detail and imagining the various royal couples walking around here is very interesting.

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