Tips for summer vacations

Six tips to organize your summer vacations

Summer vacations are approaching and, at the same time, the stress of your organization.

Do you want to venture to a new destination? Or do you prefer to relive the experience of a previous vacation? Whatever your motivation, remember that planning the perfect summer getaway. Even with little preparation time, is possible if you keep these details in mind.

First steps to choosing our summer vacations

Before choosing a destination, make an estimate of how much money you plan to use and establish who will go with you. This will make it easier for you to narrow down or widen your search range. Dedicate yourself to organizing your trip in detail, so that you have no problems and can relax as you deserve. Don’t get discouraged if high-season prices have already started to rise and you don’t know what to do. With these 6 tips, you will be closer to your dream vacation.

Choose the Destination

Guide for summer vacations

Start searching the Internet, buy a destination guide or subscribe to mailing services from airlines, travel agencies, or hotel chains. So you don’t miss out on promotions and special discounts on accommodation, food, and activities.

If you plan to travel alone, as a couple, with family or friends, do a survey about different places. Immerse yourself in Google, travel services, or flight search engines to find out which accommodation, tours, and transport are best for you based on their prices and your preferences.

Think About the Necessary Documentation to Travel

If you decide on a destination abroad, you should know that each country requires documentation that you cannot ignore, such as health permits, visas, vaccinations, hotel reservations, round-trip air tickets, or invitation letters.

You can find this information on the website of the embassy of the country you want to travel to. As an additional recommendation, be sure to review the ” Travel Alerts ” or notifications that governments such as those of the United States, Australia, and Canada make so that their citizens are aware of the health and safety risks of certain destinations.

Learn A little English to Travel

If you travel abroad, a basic command of English will make things much easier for you. From how to reserve your place on an excursion, request an indication, or order a dish prepared to your liking. This will be essential for you to be able to communicate what you need and manage when carrying out the typical activities that are done during the holidays.

You can use an online platform like Babbel, also available as a mobile app, to more easily learn the key phrases of English to travel to defend yourself or to refresh your knowledge if you haven’t practiced the language for a while.

Find Out How to Get There And What Means of Transport to Use

Getting to your destination and knowing how you will get around is essential to avoid getting lost or spending more money than budgeted. Decide what means of transport you plan to use and what is best for you: metro, bus, train, tram, taxi.

Keep the information on your device, in your agenda, or mark the routes on a map. Check the advice of other travelers in areas where transport is not so well organized.

Look For Accommodation

Select well-located hotels that offer you the best value for money. You can use an Excel model or a planner to estimate your itineraries and expenses from a specific accommodation or destination. This way you will know exactly how many days and nights you can stay based on your budget and what services are included in your stay. Ask them to specify details such as all-inclusive, half board, breakfast only, cocktail bar, spa, nursery, and others.

Find Out About the Places to Visit

Do you have a modest budget? You don’t have to look much, you can opt for a travel package to nearby places, which can be an economical option. It is possible to get this type of service from local travel agencies that you can hire when you arrive or in advance via the web.

With a few days of planning, internal packages can be prepared to get to know a special place or carry out activities that you cannot leave out on this trip, such as tickets to shows, museums, historical places, attractions, and tours.

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