Norway travel guide

Visit southern Norway in six days

We take with us an unforgettable memory of Norway and we can say that it is a visual spectacle. When you find yourself surrounded by nature, you feel very small, and it is an incredible feeling that is difficult to describe. Apart from the landscape, we loved the culture and the way of life of its people. In the next few lines, we tell you how our experience was.

Discover Southern Norway

Seeing the south of Norway in 6 days is not enough, in reality, you would need at least two weeks, and even then there would always be places to discover that surely not even Norwegians know about. Being a vertical country, it means that the climate and the landscape are very different depending on the part you visit.

That is why we recommend that if you do not have much time, you focus on one area. We chose the south because there are many points of interest, such as Preikestolen, Kjeragbolten, and Husedalen Waterfalls, among others. We are aware that we leave things to see, such as the famous Lofoten Islands, but we already have that in mind for another trip!

Formerly, this region was part of Viking Scandinavia, along with Sweden and Denmark. It is currently known as the Kingdom of Norway because they have had a King, Harald V, since 1991.

Tips Before Traveling to Norway

Norway travel tips

Before choosing your next destination, it is essential that you know it as well as possible. We want to give you some tips from this country to help you in your planning and focus on what is most important. If you dedicate a few minutes of your life to us, we will give you essential information to make your trip to the south of Norway more comfortable.

Land in Oslo or Stavanger?

We doubted whether to take the flight to Oslo or go to the western part of Norway (Bergen or Stavanger) where the excursions we had planned were located. Finally, we decided on Oslo, because there are direct flights and instead to get to the other two cities it was mandatory to make a stopover, so it was a waste of time and money. Our decision was reinforced when we discovered that there is a train from Oslo to Stavanger that travels at night and you can sleep in a double cabin.

Backpack or suitcase?

We choose to travel with backpacks. The intention of this adventure was basically to get to know the south of Norway in the most economical way possible, so we didn’t need a lot of material and luggage, much less check in suitcases larger than 55×40.

Keep in mind that a backpack with a capacity of 60 L does not count as a handbag, so take a 50 L bag, or, as in our case, a 50 + 10 L bag that can be unhooked and carried in your pocket. However, Norway is a country prepared in every way, so if you decide to take a suitcase, it is not a problem either. In Oslo and in most cities there are cabins to leave your luggage all day for a few coins.

Watch out! If you plan to take the mountain sticks for the excursions, you will have to invoice them. We realized the night before the trip that you can’t get on the plane with your backpack.

Public transport or rent a car?

A new trip arrives and you reconsider whether to rent a car or use public transport. We opt for this second option, although there are factors that can alter this decision, such as if you are three or four travelers.

After analyzing our route, we realized that it was more than 1,500 kilometers, although you can save 500 if you skip Oslo and land directly in Stavanger. That is why we want to convey peace of mind to you because public transport in Norway is perfectly prepared to travel the entire country.

If you rent a car you will have more freedom of schedule, but think about it well because you will have to get on board some ferries, or pay a supplement if you want to leave the car in a different city where you have rented it.

Important information from Norway

Before visiting Norway it is necessary that you know it as well as possible. Here you have information that can be very useful to you, or at least this is what we were interested in knowing.

Do you need help getting organized?

We have done the work for you so you can save time. Here are a few links to make it easier to plan your trip to Norway in 6 days.

These have been some of our tips for traveling to Norway, but it does not mean that you cannot opt ​​for other equally valid alternatives and that they will not prevent you from enjoying your adventure. Now yes, let’s see our trip itinerary.

Route Of Our Trip To The South Of Norway In 6 Days

Our journey starts at home three months earlier, in May, when Eli and I, Èric, finally decided on Norway as our destination. We look for blogs, opinions, photos, videos, etc. To get to know the country and trace the best route.

Map of our route

We show you a map of Norway with the places we visit so that you can locate yourself better. As you can see, all our destinations are in the southern part of the country. By the way, if you are asking yourself the same question that we did when planning the trip, “can I get to the Lofoten Islands”? The answer is No. We tell you clearly, that visiting Norway in 6 days is not enough to get to the far north of the country!

travel itinerary

As you have seen at the beginning of this post, we have divided our trip into 6 articles, in this way you can see each of the days individually. In addition, we explain our routes and information on each of the places we visit.

To make a quick summary, we landed in Oslo and took a walk during the day. At night we boarded a train where we slept until we reached Stavanger and in the morning we went on an excursion to Preikestolen. On the third day, we went up to Kjeragbolten and back to Stavanger.

The next morning we hiked to the Husedalen waterfalls, and to finish the trip, we went to visit Bergen, where we caught the plane to return home.

Post Conclusions – Norway

When our trip comes to an end we stop to think for a long time to remember and have a better perspective of everything we have experienced. We do it after every trip, and we recommend that you do it too.

In the case of Norway, there have been many wonderful moments and sensations, but if we have to highlight one thing above the others, it is its ability to make you feel small in the midst of its immense landscapes and mountains.

Price of Our Trip to Norway

As you have read above, we have said that Norway is an expensive country, but it does not mean that we have to spend “a lot” of money to explore it. Below we break down the price of our trip to Norway, €620.  If you have any questions, leave us a comment and we will do our best to help you.


The flight from Barcelona to Oslo cost us €39 when we bought it 3 months before with the company Vueling.

The flight from Bergen to Barcelona cost us €89 if we bought it 3 months before. We flew with the Norwegian company to London, made a 2-hour layover, and went up with Vueling to Barcelona.


Spending two nights in a private room in the center of Stavanger cost us €49. This type of accommodation is very interesting if you don’t mind sharing the bathroom and kitchen with the owner of the house.

Sleeping for two nights at the Kinsarvik Hardanger Park campsite cost us €78. There we also shared a bathroom and kitchen but everything was in perfect condition.

It would be necessary to add the price of the first night, but as you know, we slept on the train that took us to Stavanger and we have included it in transportation.


The train from Oslo to Stavanger with the company VyGroup cost us €107, a bit expensive but keep in mind that you save one night’s accommodation because you sleep there in a cabin with two beds.

To move from Stavanger to Kinsarvik we pay €35, we use all day to get from one point to the other but it is about 250 km by public transport.

Going from Kinsarvik to Bergen cost €23, we got on a bus to Voss and after a half hour wait, a train took us to the capital of the Norwegian fjords.

On the excursion to Preikestolen, we had to get on a ferry and then on a bus at a cost of €36, with the return trip included of course, through the GoFjords company. Its wide range of schedules allows you to adapt it to your itinerary.

We also contracted the climb to Kjeragbolten with GoFjords for a price of €64. The bus that takes you from Stavanger to the start of the tour has a unique schedule, leaving at 7:30 am and returning at 4:15 pm.

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