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For your most beautiful stay we are encouraging you to book a stay at Shangri-La hotels to experience the changes sustainable life can bring.

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I visited the Shard and I cannot tell you the beauty it showed me. It is once in a lifetime kind of an experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hoping to visit again.

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All you need to see to believe is the small changes can make a difference and the Shard can help prove our efforts.

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What To Look For In A Brand When Buying Shower Doors

One of the best ways to make your bathroom look elegant and nice is the shower doors. Without shower doors, your bathroom will look plain, simple and ordinary. And because of the high demands and the need of every bathroom to have a shower door, there are many brands around that manufacture and offer shower doors. Shower doors come in different kinds, there are frameless, framed doors, sliding and more, choosing which one to install in your bathroom is actually easier than considering which brand to buy them from.

The brand can make or break your overall satisfaction, hence it is only imperative that you spend some time thinking and analyzing which brand is best for you to consider when buying one. There are many brands to mention and each of them has their own strength and weaknesses to offer consumers.

To help you in finding the best brand for your shower doors, read this article.

What To Look For In A Brand When Buying Shower Doors

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a brand for your shower doors and the most important are enumerated below:

  • Highly trusted brand

Make sure that the brand garners high trust rating from the community. Sure, there is no one better to attest their performance than people who tried and tested their products. When considering the trust rating of the brand, you may want to consider the following:

  • How long have they been producing shower doors? Their tenure says a lot about their reliability in this field, as no brand can last a long time unless they provide exemplary service to their customers
  • High rating from Google or other review sites. Their rating from review sites, Google and the like can help you in weighing down which brands are the most trusted and which brands would you scratch out from your list
  • Reading online reviews. Although you have to be a little careful when choosing a review to trust, as some are fabricated to market the brand, it can help you a lot in determining which brand is best to consider and which brand gives people major turn off
  • By asking around your family, friends and neighbor. The commentaries and suggestions from people around you can help you a lot in choosing which brand to trust. Two things; one, you may be introduced to good brands or two, you will be discouraged to consider a specific brand
  • Choose a brand that has an available customer service to contact

Some do not consider this factor as much when choosing a brand to trust. But actually, customer service support is very important when deciding which among the many brands producing shower doors is worth your money. Even if you buy the best shower doors, if there is no customer service team to assist you when you need help, installation, warranty or the like, it is useless.

The brand may not have a contact number or a physical address to provide, but at least availability of an email address may suffice.

  • Offers customization

Different bathrooms call for a different requirement same as with its users, hence a brand that can let you customize their shower doors is a factor you may want to consider. You would not want to buy a bathroom door that will not provide its purpose well. Bathroom doors are a lot more expensive than curtains, hence buying it without realizing its efficiency on your bathroom is big no.

There are many brands in the market that offer shower door customization, the customization may include appearance, usability, materials used and sizing. Take advantage of this opportunity to ensure that the money you will use to buy shower doors is worthy.

Sure, customization may add to its price, but as long as it can serve its purpose well enough, there is no reason not to stretch your budget a bit.

  • Availability of parts

Choose the brand that will not give you a hard time finding parts for replacement. Make sure that the parts of the door is highly available in the market, hinges, door handles to name a few. You would not want to spend a long time on the road looking for a handle to replace your shower door’s handle to make it functional and usable again. It is best if the brand has many authorized dealers or at least a site where you can place your orders with no sweat.

Make sure that the brand understands your need and have it covered for your convenience.

  • Offers good amount of warranty

Choose a brand that offers good amount of warranty. Sure, you can also consider shop’s warranty but needless to say, there is nothing better than enjoying warranty straight from the manufacturer. Choose a brand that offers good amount of warranty coverage to their customers, warranty must include good inclusions, date coverage and authorized representatives to attend to your needs when repair and issues arise.

The amount of warranty they can provide can help you a lot in deciding which among the brands is best for you to trust.

Shower doors come with a price, hence it is imperative that when buying, you have a step back a little, think and consider all important factors necessary. The brand can definitely set the overall tone of your door, hence considering it carefully is necessary.

This is how the vegan ketogenic diet works

A ketogenic diet was first used in 1900 as a treatment for epileptic children. Nowadays it has become a very well-known diet for losing weight. This diet is based on a very low intake of carbohydrate and a very high intake of fat with a moderate protein intake. Here then the fat is used as the main source of energy.

However, it should be noted that the ketogenic diet is not a continuous diet. The implementation of a few weeks to a few months is also classified by the science as not dangerous. There are currently no long-term studies for this area.

The functioning of the vegan ketogenic diet confirms that the vegan version is only one point different from the normal keto diet. The vegan ketogenic diet dispenses with food of animal origin.

After about 3-4 days with a very small increase in carbohydrate (ie less than 20 grams per day), the carbohydrates stored in the body are no longer sufficient to meet the needs. Therefore, another energy source is needed here from the central nervous system.

When carbohydrate intake stops, the body can use free fatty acids as an alternative source of fat. An exception is the brain. The brain needs the so-called ketones as a by-product of incomplete breakdown of free fatty acids in the liver.

Then, when the brain begins to use these ketones as their main source of energy, we talk about a so-called ketosis stage. The ketone body serves as a marker for ketosis in the blood.

Then, when the body uses fat as its main source of energy, the blood glucose stays in a stable state. When such a ketogenic diet is performed, the body primarily degrades amino acids from protein for glucose delivery during the first few days.

As a consequence, the delivery of glucose from fat increases and this is associated with a reduction in the provision of amino acids. Thus, a calorie deficit develops and the ketogenic diet consumes more fat than is the case with a regular diet.

The science is not yet agreed whether it comes in a keto diet strong weight loss. An appetite reduction occurs because protein has a high impact on satiety because the hormones responsible for hunger are better regulated. The ketone bodies are appetite-inhibiting. In addition, there is a reduction in lipogenesis and an increase in lipolysis. This results in a more efficient lipid metabolism.

The benefits of a vegan keto diet

Adhering to a vegan diet reduces the risk of chronic health conditions. These include heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. When the keto diet is applied to a vegan diet, it reduces the risk factors for heart disease, the poor image of the LDL cholesterol and hypertension.

Foods that should not be used when making a vegan keto diet

In such a diet, the intake of carbohydrates must be replaced by healthy fats and vegan protein products. Thus, no animal products (including eggs, meat, poultry, seafood and dairy products) should be eaten. Specifically, in meat and poultry, for example, this is beef, chicken, turkey or pork. For dairy products, do not use butter, yogurt or milk yourself. Eggs are egg yolks and egg whites. The seafood includes fish, shrimp and mussels.

Things you need to know before buying andarine S4

Getting the best andarine S4 seller is a very arduous task. That is because there are very many considerations that one should make before choosing any dealer. Before buying andarine, it is vital to ensure that the chemical is of high quality. Many fake sellers have been selling counterfeit SARMs in the markets that have a very adverse side effect. The SARMs should not have adverse effects like steroids. That is why many people prefer them. Therefore if you ever found out that the andarine you bought has some side effects, it is the product was not the best quality. In this article, we are going to discuss things that one should know before buying Andarine. The things include;

Andarine seller

The first thing to consider when purchasing andarine is the best place to buy. Do not be deceived by the sellers who claim to sell the best, whereas the quality of the chemical is poor. Always know that by getting the andarine from the best seller is the first step to achieving you’re your goals. If you need a product to help you gain more lean mass, ensure the seller can elaborate more about the product. Some of the top-rated places to buy andarine include umbrella labs, proven reptides and swiss chems. The benefits of choosing the best andarine seller are that the drugs are tested before they are sold. You can trust the vendors at

Andarine quality

Before you choose the andarine from any shop, it is essential to check the quality of the chemical before buying it. That is because when you buy the product without proper screening, there are high chances of getting a fake product. That is because there is a fake product that sells under the names of popular brands. Ensure the product has a recognised stamp for showing the product meets the required standards.

Andarine dosage.

The dosage for this drug is another essential thing that one should know after buying the andarine. If you need the best results, you should consider taking the appropriate dose. There are some consequences of taking overdose or underdose. Therefore to avoid such instances, ensure you get more information about the best dosage from the seller. The seller should know drug usage. It is recommended not to take more than 50 grams. When you take more than 50 grams, there are more chances of experiencing severe effects of headache, visual problems and many more. If you are a beginner, it is essential to start with only 20 grams of the andarine.

Andarine cycling.

Andarine cycle is another very crucial thing that the users should know. The andarine cycle means how frequent you will be using the drug. Will you be using the drug each day consecutively for how long? The more you use the drug frequently, the higher the chances of getting severe side effects. By taking overdose for the andarine continuously, the more severe the side effects. Hence it is recommended to start with eight weeks cycle. By considering the above-discussed cycle and dosage, you will manage your andarine dose well.

Andarine stacking

For the people who need bulk muscles within a short period, andarine users choose LGD-4033 to stack. Also, when one needs to protect muscles in case of calorie deficit ostarine can be a great one. Adding cardarine can help to improve endurance. Therefore stocking sarms can be a great option in case you need better results.

What do you need to know between andarine and ostarine?

Ostarine is another type of SARM that is popularly known to have better results in cutting and recomping. For the people who need better injury treatments, ostarine is among the best SARMs one can get. Comparing ostarine and the andarine, it is clear that andarine is best for lean muscle building. Therefore andarine has more benefits than ostarine.

Uses of andarine s4

There are many uses of andarine. It is clear that even with very fewer calorie intake, the strength of the andarine user keeps increasing. That is because andarine gives the user all the nutrients that are vital for muscle building. Some of the uses of this drug are;

Fitness industry

According to studies, the fitness industry uses andarine most. That is because the chemical helps the user to increase the training period. After using it, you get improved endurance, and therefore you will improve your workout period. Also, the andarine promotes the oxidation of fat and also reduce lipoprotein lipase processes.

Helps to treat reproductive system.

Another essential use of andarine is the treatment of BPH. According to studies, andarine helps in treating begign prostrate hyperplasia that occurs mostly in older adults. Therefore the andarine can help to improve the health of the reproductive system.

Helps to increase stamina and strength.

Stamina is an essential thing to bodybuilders and athletes. That is because people with enhanced stamina experience better health. Excellent stamina is brought about by strong bones. People with osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases experience massive muscle wasting that leads to reduced stamina. Treating such conditions, it is essential to consider using andarine.

Weight loss

Andarine helps in easy weight loss. Many people have been trying various workout programs to help them lose weight. By using andarine, you will be able to lose weight more effectively since the drug will help you lose quickly.

Therefore the above discussed are some of the uses of andarine. Andarine has a half-life of about 3 to 4 hours. Thus by considering the above-discussed information, you will be able to know all the essential things about andarine.

What is the angel number 111?

In the world of numerology, there is a special meaning for everything and it is something very important that you need to keep track of. There are lots of people in the market, who want to really know more about this. This is something very real and also helps us understand some special meaning with numbers. Each number has got meaning and if that number is seen to you again and again then there is something very important, that you need to take note of. There are many people who are very unsure about how this works? There are many numbers sometimes they are seen to you and one the basis of that, they move ahead. There are many people who do not take this seriously and then regret, one should keep track of what is to be done. This is something that one should seriously look at as it gives you some very good hidden message about the purpose of life and this is one thing that you should know. It is something very important, that you visit mindfulness and justice, and once you do that then things will be very easy. There are many people who are there and they allow this to take precedence in their life. There are many people who are very confused and are looking for way to improve their life.

If you want some seriously good information on this topic, then you can visit mindfulness and justice. One should know that different and numbers have got different meaning and we should understand this and one should clearly know what is the meaning and once you understand this , it will become much easier and you will not have any issues and it will also help in development of things. This will give you some very good information and will let you know how things hold be done and this is something very important which you need to keep track of. There are many people who are really very happy about this and are looking to this as a good source which can really give very good results. So you cannot ask for something more, this is one of the best ways of getting things done and once you do that then things will be very simple and you can surely have a great time, so what are you waiting for? Well, this is something which is very interesting to know, This is about some numbers seen to them again and again and that is one thing that one must know has a special meaning and will be much easier. There are many people who are very confused and do not know which is the main reason why this is shown to everyone and you can really change your life.

There are many options and people are looking for lots of solutions and that make the process much easier and you will not have a problem. Angel numbers are basically on one principal, that is basically always helping the enlightenment of the spirit and this helps in long run, this is something very important and can really give very good results and is known to do well, and you will never be sad on the basis of this. There are many people who are really helping in making the process much easier and you will never have a problem with this. This is reminder, that people should stop focus of physical world and start focusing on other things and this is something very important that one should keep track of. It is something that is science and is known to give very good results and once you make use of this, then you will not need to worry about anything.

Let us talk of some special number now, let us take into consideration the angel number 111 and what is does, this has got some special meaning and people who do not understand numerology will never understand what this man and this is something very important, that you need to keep track of. There are many people who are very confused and they are looking for solutions which are really good. If you happen to see this number everywhere and are very confused why that is happening, there is a very important meaning for that and one should not ignore anything like that, this is a serious issue and one and all should pay attention to it and once that happens, things become much easier and you will never have any issues. This is great way of knowing that something special is there which we are missing and we need to look for solutions for getting this done, you cannot ask for anything more.

If you need something unique, then you need to work hard and look for options which will help you to get the job done and once they do those then things are very simple. If you want more if information on this subject, then you can go in for mindfulness and justice.

This number has got some special meaning like concerning to the angels and what they offer for your soul, this is something that they give us or show us for a reason and that is for a greater purpose in life or a mission and that is something very big and often gives us very good options. This is sign that we need to do something very important and it can fetch very good results…

There are many people who are very confused and are not sure, whether this is something that is really true or just something like which they are unsure. But if you saw and take opinion of people it will help a great this is one of the best ways to get results done and make process much easier and you will not need to worry about anything, this is something, that is really good and can give very good value for money.

How meat grinders help in your daily cooking?

There is no doubt in the usefulness of meat grinders and people are using it more than they used to take advantage from it in the past. There are many benefits that a meat grinder provides and these are now not only confined to professional hunters and cooks. These meat grinders are useful for normal people as well and you can get a lot of benefits from using this gadget in your kitchen. This article would provide you with an insight of meat grinder benefits and you would be able to understand how you can go economical with purchasing a nice machine in your home. It does not matter if you are new to this or are already using meat grinders in your home, this is the best thing to purchase in these days if you are a meat lover and meat is one of the main dishes that is cooked at your home.

Benefits of owning your own meat grinder:

There are several benefits of owning your own meat grinder and a few of them are discussed here. Let us have a look on them one by one:

Increase your control:

When we outsource the meat grinding job to a professional, we cannot be sure about the cleaning of meat as per our requirements. There are certain things attached to meat that you might want to trim off and the professional butcher or meat grinder might not put an effort in doing that. This is how you get a control over your meat. You can grind it according to your wish and as per your needs. Further, you are not required to go out every time you want to grind it. You can always get a fresh mince right from the vicinity of your home and that too with a great comfort.

Managing taste:

Taste is the basic thing that we look in the food and when we are able to grind meat on our own, we find that we are in a more control in this regard. There are certain things that we can do to increase the taste of dish right at the beginning i.e. when we are mincing the meat. There are a number of meat grinders available in the market and by reading meat grinder reviews, you can definitely select the one that best suits your needs.

Modern meat grinders-not only for meat!

It is interesting to notice here that meat grinders are not only for meat now. You can do a lot more than that and if you have a good grinder at your home with different options you would be able to grind a lot of other things as well. These include different fruits and vegetables that provide you an opportunity to make those dishes at home which you never have imagined. Whenever you want to buy a meat grinder and you have a good budget for that, recommendation is to buy something which will provide you with an opportunity to grind other things as well.


There is no doubt in this fact that you will save a lot of money if you have your own grinder. There would be less visits to butcher shops and you would not be paying all those incremental charges to grind the meat of lamb! It is best for hunters to own their own grinder because this will allow them to save a nice amount of money which they can spend elsewhere. It is important to mention here that these are not only the hunters who will get benefit from this, if you love to eat meat on a regular basis and you do regular visits to butcher shops to get the meat grind, after owning your own grinder you will come in a position to save money. Before buying the meat grinder, read meat grinder reviews for a better decision.


With your own gadget, you will definitely be in a better position to make food for your family in a satisfied manner. At first, you might feel a little discomfort to do all the grinding stuff on your own, but once you get experience you will feel that you can do a lot more than just grinding the meat. There are many other things which you can cook with the help of these meat grinders.

Raw meat processing:

Meat grinders are not only used for a better cooking experience but are also useful when you have to process raw meat for your pets. It is a great way to produce quality food for your pets, but to do so you will require a more professional grinding gadget and this is only possible if you have a good insight about different available options through meat grinder reviews.

There are many benefits that you can associate with owning a meat grinder and once you get a better grinder, your life would get easy. There are many options available on the internet but you cannot select any of those without a proper research. Always do a proper market research before you make a purchase and only in this way you would be able to get the best product. Some online stores are selling good grinders in a budget price, you must make sure that you have not eliminated the option of buying these perfect kitchen gadgets from online stores.

What is the Main components template?

Accurate Records- this is very vital in any inventory management system and in the same way one can create a template on itinerary also. A well-kept recording system for all aspects of production is key to the effectiveness of any inventory management system. This is the source data and must be kept as accurate as possible. It is very important that you check itinerary template and find the one that is best suited to you based on your needs. Once you do that then. One must know, that if you make a template then things will be much easier. One you get the template made then things will be much easier and you will not need to worry about anything. One should know that templates help people overcome the issue and save on time and that is something very important. One note that templates can help you save on lots of time. This is something very important and one should make use of this feature which makes the process much easier. Once you have this, it will make process much more simpler and that will speeding up the things a great deal and make the process much more simple.

An itinerary template is completely predesigned and helps you do the job in a simple ways and that will also help you do the formatting also. The templates as very important and you need to design is it well, so this can help other people to get the job done. These are well integrated in the spreadsheet. Once you make use of this in the right way, then the process will become much more simpler and you will not have a problem, and that is something very important that you need to take a note of. The demand for these things is very high in the market and lots of people from all over the world are making use of this.

There are many options in the market and one can go in as per their needs and that is something very important that you need to keep track of. If done well, then things will be much easier and make the process simple and that is something very important that will help you get things done quickly. Finding the right template is never easy and you can be in trouble, and will make the process much easier. You need to be sure of the quality and once you go there, then things will become easy. Things will become much easier and you will not have problem. Itinerary template are very important for people who are travelling and can make the process much easier. This is one thing, which you need to keep track of.

Effects of mismanaged Inventory Management System and itinerary management

  1. Inefficient due to miscalculations
  2. Unhappy customers due to delays
  3. Negative company reputation

Inventory management system aims at organizing, recording and standardizing all the inputs and mechanisms which the company uses in the entire production cycle and that will .

How do I create an alert in excel?

The formatting option in Microsoft Excel Software is very good and also you can apply condition. With this feature, minimum number of units can be set so as to determine the reorder level. Whenever the actual number of units fall below that value, the reading gets highlighted. The following is the process of creating low inventory alert in excel:

  1. Click ‘format’ on the menu bar and select ‘Conditional formatting’.
  2. Click drop down menu on the left under condition1. Select ‘Formula is’.
  3. You can type =B4<=C4
  4. Click the ‘format’ and then one can start on color for your inventory alert.

Is excel good for making templates?

For those starting up with a small number of products with less variants, Microsoft excel is a good tool to create inventory listing template. It is one of the techniques /tools small businesses use to manage their inventory. For online inventory management, you need more time to set up the original template accurately. Microsoft excel is not ideal for medium or large sized businesses y. The main advantage with Microsoft excel inventory templates is that it is cost effective. This is something that is widely used in the industry and makes the process much easier and one will not have an issue with this., but not to forget this is one of the best ways of doing it and will make the process very simple for one and all.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Traditional excel

  • Only good for startups and small businesses
  • Easy to make mistakes in excel
  • Not real time
  • Only one person can use the sheet at once

Improve Inventory Operations with Real-Time Work Management in Smartsheet

By tracking and documenting inventory, operations are assured to run smoothly. This ensures that optimum stock is kept at all times.

Smart Sheet is an enterprise work execution platform which tracks inventory in a collaborative manner. Members can easily access and update details in real time and from anywhere. Automated alerts notify you when the inventory is low. Barcode scanning feature is used to count items, confirm retrieval and check price information from mobile device.

Use of Google Sheets in Inventory Management

Google sheets are used today by most businesses due to their real time and interactive nature.


This is a Google sheet based template that allows for check in, check out and track of current inventory. This includes three Google spread sheets that are connected using Sheetgo as shown in the diagram below.

Google Spreadsheets for Sheetgo

This template combines inventory check-in and inventory check-out spreadsheets and creates a Master Inventory Spread Sheet showing summary of your current stock. This is something very important and one should keep note of this and make the process, so go ahead and get your template.

 Sheetgo is highly visual and is able to track inventory status automatically with a lot of ease.

London’s tallest buildings – How did they get these names?

London’s Buildings

The city of London exhibits several skyscrapers which have innovative and curious names! Wonder to know them! Here are a list of some tallest buildings of London and the basic history behind their nomenclature. Read on to know more about them!

Firstly let us enlist all the names of the tallest buildings of London which we will discuss later. Go through these names first. We are sure that the names itself will allure you to learn the fascinating naming history behind them.

fascinating naming

  1. The Shard
  2. Canada Square
  3. The Heron Tower
  4. The Cheesegrater or the Leadenhall Building
  5. HSBC tower
  6. Citigroup tower
  7. Tower 42

Now that we have enlisted all the names let’s discuss the history behind such nomenclature.

  1. 309.6 meters – The Shard

The Shard is the tallest building of Western Europe which has numerous nicknames such as Shard London Bridge, The Shard of Glass, London Bridge Tower, etc. Its sharp form reminds one of a glass shard which has rendered its name!

  1. 235 meters – Canada Square

Canada Square is the tallest building of Britain from 1991 to 2010. This is the centre of attraction in the Canary Wharf estate. Before the North American invasion, it was originally known as Dockland Square and Winston Square. The original developers of this site belong from Toronto. The Canary Wharf Tower is frequently referred to as the main tower. This history has provided such name.

  1. 230 meters – The Heron Tower

The Heron Tower (name is derived after the developer Heron) is the tallest building in the city of London. The company is basically owned by the renowned Gerald Ronson and dedicated after his father Henry Ronson. The tower is known mostly as 110 Bishopgate.

  1. The Leadenhall Building or the Cheesegrater

225 meters

This background behind the interesting name of the Cheesegrater building is surely fascinating. The nickname originated with Hammersmith River Café’s Ruth Rogers whose betterhalf in life, Richard Roger is associated to the Strik Herbour Partners firm that designed the Cheesegrater. This has effectively rendered such a name. Its popularly known as the 122 Leadenhall Street and officially as the Leadenhall building as it acquires its name from a medieval hall that was often frequented by the leading merchants.

  1. 200 meters – 8 Canada Square – HSBC tower

8 Canada Square – HSBC tower is named after the bank which exhibits it.

  1. 200 meters – 25 Canada Square – Citigroup tower

25 Canada Square – Citigroup tower gets its name from the bank which occupies it.

  1. 183 meters – Tower 42

Tower 42 is a popular building for everyone around the world. In contemporary times it may have lost its relevance but we can never forget that glorious historical time when Tower 42 used to be the tallest building in London with its overreaching height of 183 meters. The Hitchhiker Guide rigging name indicates to the building’s number of residential floors at a whooping height of 42nd floor.

Hope you have loved the amazing insights into the names of the tallest buildings of London. Spread the message to everyone and overwhelm them.