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For your most beautiful stay we are encouraging you to book a stay at Shangri-La hotels to experience the changes sustainable life can bring.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in London

Tourist Attractions in London

There are 10 top-rated tourist attractions in London that you cannot miss if you are planning a trip to the British capital, especially if it is your first time in London. You should make sure to see at least the 10 things that we name below. In addition to London’s best attractions, we recommend that you visit one of the London markets and one of its famous parks.

How to plan a trip to London?

plan a trip to London

One of the cities that does not go unnoticed by anyone in London. Wide avenues, culture, very diverse people, fashion, the best hotels and restaurants, and endless etcetera make this a unique place. It can be a bit cumbersome to think about visiting the capital of these characteristics since, given so much offer, we will not know what to choose and how to adjust the visit to our needs. London offers possibilities for everyone: for children, adults, those who love to walk and the quiet, a dream come true for the whole family. Here, we explain how to organize a trip to London and thus enjoy it to the fullest.

First time traveling London: 10 things not to miss

traveling London

A weekend in London must be successful. Without falling into cliches, here are some essentials not to be missed when leaving for London for the first time.

Sleep at the Franklin Hotel

For your first visit to London to go well, it is essential to choose the right hotel in which you will put your bags. The 5-star The Franklin hotel has 35 rooms and suites. Spacious and bright, they all reflect Anouska Hempel’s inimitable sense of design and eclectic tastes. The centerpiece is a Simmons brand double bed specially created for the hotel with details inspired by Art Nouveau. The must of the most? Choose the pillow of your choice from the menu available in the room. Above all, don’t forget to ask for a view of Egerton Gardens or Knightsbridge, to feel even more peaceful in the heart of the city.

24 Egerton Gardens, Chelsea, London SW3 2DB, United Kingdom

Indian food at Roti Chai

It’s no secret that Indian gastronomy has taken London’s neighborhoods by storm. To eat Indian in London, push the door of the Roti Chai restaurant. Here we eat with our fingers and share bites of crispy potatoes with yogurt, Kerala chicken skewers, a lamb kebab burger, samosas, and much more. For dessert, we don’t miss out on kulfi, an Indian milk-based ice cream usually flavored with cardamom or pistachio.

3 Portman Mews S, London W1H 6HS, United Kingdom

Discover Soho

If you are coming to London for the first time, it is imperative to discover Soho. This trendy district, the heart of London, never stops beating. Former “red light district”, it abounds in trendy bars and restaurants. We stop at Cahoot’s to drink good cocktails and enter the First Street Gallery to fill up on culture.

Eat at Padella Pasta

It is the flagship address of the capital. At Padella Pasta, we taste simple but delicious pasta recipes, prepared on-demand, and in front of you. Do not miss The pappardelle with the beef stew that simmered for 8 hours. A delight.

Big V London, 6 Southwark St, London SE1 1TQ, United Kingdom

Stroll through St James Park

If Hyde Park is one of the most emblematic parks in London, you shouldn’t miss St James Park, which is a little less crowded. Spread over 23 hectares, St James’s Park has a small lake with two islands. Ducks, pelicans, and a host of birds dabble in the park. You can even meet a few squirrels there. In short, London’s central park!

Take a walk in Portobello

Made famous by the movie ‘Love at first sight in Notting Hill’, Portobello Road is a must-see when first coming to London. With its large avenue of more than three kilometers long, Portobello Market, like Camden Market, one of the most famous street markets in London which owes its notoriety in part to the pretty colored facades of the houses of Notting Hill. Vintage clothing, jewelry, trinkets, trinkets, books, accessories, paintings, furniture, decorative items, collectibles: a real Ali Baba cave.

Brunch at the Breakfast Club

If you saw a long line, you are at the Breakfast Club. Here, we come for breakfast and brunch, soft pancakes, smoothies, and varied and natural orange juice, but also eggs, bacon as well as refined sandwiches, burgers of course but also burritos! At the Breakfast Club, for sure, you won’t go hungry!

Take a tour of Sketch

The sketch is one of our unusual and trendy addresses in London and is a must-have when you come to the capital for the first time. This concept with unusual decoration includes a two-star restaurant decorated in a seventies-style, as well as a candy pink room in the basement, The Gallery, which acts as an art gallery. We serve afternoon teas and suppers. In another room, The Glade, cocktail bar, takes us to an enchanted forest, Alice in Wonderland style. But the highlight of the show remains the East Bar, a sort of flying saucer where cocktails are served. One thing is for sure, at Sketch, you won’t get bored.

9 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XG

Stroll through Camden Market

Like Portobello Road, Camden Market is a landmark in London. In addition to small stalls and vintage shops, there are mostly small food stalls that reflect the cosmopolitan gastronomy of London: Indian, Israeli, Lebanese, Mexican… There is something for everyone.

32 Camden Lock Pl, London NW1 8AL, United Kingdom

Visit Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is nothing less than the place of residence of Queen Elisabeth II. Between tradition and royal ceremony, the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace is one of London’s most emblematic attractions. Dressed in their traditional attire and topped with the famous bear hair headdress, keep them proudly parading under musical cadences to the palace gates and entering Buckingham Palace through the east gate located near the great gates of Green Park. In August, it is possible to visit the interior of the Palace while Elizabeth II is on vacation in Edinburgh. Without forgetting, of course, the inevitable Big Ben and the English parliament for a successful first time in London.

Best places and things to do in New London CT

things to do in New London CT

With an endless cultural and leisure offer, museums with incalculable collections, street markets to get lost in, perfect green spaces and charming neighborhoods, this city is perfect for a weekend or more day getaway, without the possibility of getting bored at any time. In addition to visiting all the tourist attractions and shopping in some of its most commercial streets, you can enjoy the best gastronomy from every corner of the world in London.

Things to do in New London CT

Based on the three times we have visited the city, the last one we spent more than a month living in an apartment in Notting Hill, during which we wrote this guide to tips for traveling to London, we have made this list of places and things to do in New London CT. Let’s start!

1. Visit Camden Town

Spending a morning in the surprising and entertaining Camden neighborhood is one of the best things to do in London. This neighborhood, famous for having the largest market in the city with more than 1000 stalls and alternative stores, is perfect for finding a unique gift, eating at one of its street stalls, or simply listening to live music.

Although it is open every day and many people recommend going on a Sunday, we recommend visiting Camden Town during the week to avoid getting overwhelmed by the large number of people that accumulate during the weekend.

One of our favorite areas to shop, in addition to the stalls of the Camden Stables Market, is Camden High St, where the stores with the most picturesque themed facades are concentrated and where you can find everything from gothic clothing to shops to make a tattoo.

To get to Camden, you will have to take the tube, the Northern line and get off at the Camden Town stop. Another option that we love is taking a boat in Little Venice, which will drop you off at the market in less than an hour.

2. Go around the Big Ben

In the Palace of Westminster, you will find the British Parliament and Big Ben, its famous Clock Tower, which has become one of the icons to visit in London over time.

Over 100 meters high, this tower was built in 1858 in the Gothic style and stood out for the four clocks on each side.

Although generally when we talk about Big Ben we refer to the Clock Tower, this name is not entirely accurate, since Big Ben is a huge 14-ton bell that is located inside the tower, which next to the Palace Westminster in Victorian Gothic style, are a World Heritage Site and are located on the bank of the Thames.

The two buildings can only be visited by residents of the United Kingdom, although in summer the palace is allowed by booking in advance on this page.

Visiting hours: Saturdays between 9:15 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. with a guided tour. August and September are open from Tuesday to Friday.

3. Have a nice time in Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge or Tower Bridge, built-in 1894 over the River Thames, is the most famous bridge to see in London and its name is due to its proximity to the Tower of London, which is right next door.

You can enter this stone drawbridge to see the steam engine’s operation that lifts it and climb to the top to walk on a transparent glass walkway while enjoying excellent views of the city. We recommend approaching this photogenic bridge day and night and seeing it from both banks.

Admission is included if you have the London Pass or the London Explorer Pass. These two cards allow you to save time by skipping the queues and quite a few pounds if you plan to visit London’s most tourist spots. The difference between both cards is that the London Pass goes for days, while the Explorer can choose up to the last minute the entrance for the 3, 5, or 7 of the main attractions, saving up to 40%.

Visiting hours: April to September from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the rest of the months from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

4. Visit in the London Parks

One of the best things to do in London for free is to walk or play sports in its many well-kept parks.

Among the most famous parks to visit in London are:

  • Hyde Park: It is the largest and most famous park in the city where you will find from a huge lake, various monuments, a rose garden, the gardens, and Kensington Palace, to endless trails for walking or running.
  • St James’s Park: Located near Buckingham Palace, it is one of the Royal Parks of London and the most beautiful in the city.
  • Regent’s Park: Another one of the perfect parks for a walk where its lakes stand out and in spring, its beautiful rose garden.
  • Kew Gardens: This Royal Botanical Garden located in a neighborhood away from the center impresses its greenhouses full of exotic flowers and plants.
  • Primrose Hill: Located on a hill near Camden, it is perfect for a picnic with beautiful views of the city skyline.

5. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, a World Heritage Site, is the oldest and most famous religious temple to visit in London. Almost all the coronation ceremonies of kings, English monarchs, and weddings like that of the current princes and funerals like Princess Diana of Wales have been held since 1066.

In the beautiful interior of the Gothic style (no photos can be taken), you will find the tombs of kings and famous figures such as David Livingstone, Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens, Laurence Olivier, or Charles Darwin. Some of its most outstanding corners such as the Lady Chapel, the cloisters, the poets’ corner, the Chapter House, the High Altar, and the Throne of San Eduardo.

You can find more information in this guide to visit Westminster Abbey. Visiting hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Sundays open only for mass.

6 of The Strongest Green Vein Kratom Strains to Try

Kratom Strains to Try

With so many Kratom varieties available in the market, selection becomes quite tricky. If you are looking for a Kratom variety who don’t want too relaxing or too stimulating impact, then green Kratom would be most appropriate. Even if you know that you want a green vein Kratom, it doesn’t make your job easier. Numerous varieties are available in the green vein category.

Below we have covered some of the most potent Green vein Kratom strains. This article aims to give you information about the green vein variety of Kratom strains. We do not recommend the usage of any of these strains.

  1. Green Maeng Da 


The effects of Kratom strains depends on the kinds and quantity of alkaloids present. Green Maeng Da strain is rich in 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine. These two alkaloids activate nerve receptors that are responsible for controlling pain.

Another vital alkaloid present in Green Maeng Da is corynanthidine. This alkaloid helps in overcoming withdrawal symptoms.


This strain is known for enhancing stimulation, improving motivation, focus, energy, and concentration. The strain also has analgesic properties, hence it can be used to relieve pain. The effects start within 15 minutes of consumption and can last for almost 3 hours.

  1. Green Borneo Kratom strains 


The strain is rich in the following alkaloids:

  • 9-hydroxycorynantheidine
  • 7-hydroxymitragynine
  • Speciogynine
  • Mitraphylline
  • Mitragynine

These alkaloids combination results in a powerful analgesic/ pain-relieving effect with a feeling of a high energy boost.


Besides an excellent pain reliever, a good quality Green Borneo Kratom is also known for enhancing energy, focus, productivity, and mood.

  1. Super green Malay Kratom

Super Green Malay Kratom is considered as one of the most effective green vein strain. The word ‘super’ in the name reflects its high-quality and superior effects.


This strain got a unique composition. Like other Kratom strains, super green Malay strain also contains Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. But both of these are present in moderate quantities. This means that both these alkaloids are slightly boosted in this strain.


The effects generally last for almost 4 hours. Some of the prominent effects of this strain are:

  • Energy booster
  • Pain reliever
  • Managing depression and anxiety
  • Deal with addiction
  1. Green Indo 


Green Indo Kratom strain is rich in Mitragynine, 9-hydroxycorynantheidine, and 7-hydrocymitragynine. Together these alkaloids help in reducing chronic pain, enhancing energy levels, and improves focus and alertness.


The effects generally last for almost 5 hours. Besides energizing effects, this strain also helps in improving cognitive behavior in the user. As the strain does not have any adverse side effects, it can be used in stressful situations or when the user needs high concentration and high energy levels.

  1. Green Bali: 


The strain comprises of following active alkaloids:

  • Mitragynine,
  • 7-hydroxymitragynine,
  • 9-hydroxycorynantheidin,
  • Several others.

The high level of 7-hydroxymitragynine makes this strain an effective pain reliever.


The effect of the strain may last for 4-6 hours, depending on the dose taken. The strain helps in appetite suppression, relieving pain, reducing anxiety, and relaxing the brain and the body.

  1. Green Thai Kratom strain


In this strain, the concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine is low, whereas the level of mitragynine alkaloids is quite high. The specific concentration of these two alkaloids is responsible for the psychoactive effects of this strain.  


The Green Thai strain is very useful in increasing energy, enhancing mood, reducing social anxiety, and relieving pain.

What are the highest seven best Brands of automobile Covers within the World?

Want to know more, make sure that you go in for some good brands which can give you good value for money, if you want to buy car covers. Once visit, for more information.

Do you want to know, where to find the best car covers?

This good product for your your vehicle. This is complete, and offers nice protection and is meant to suit in any type of vehicles be it commercial or personal. There are many options, that one has got, but selecting the best one is never easy. You need to research well and find value for money at all times. Once you do that then things will be very simple.

Semi machine automobile umbrella cover

This offers protection against protection from ultraviolet radiation and bird ordure. The key advantage is the quality of the product. This can be used with a wireless device of eighty nine feet. Make sure, that you visit, for more information. There are many options in the market, for selecting covers; you need to go in for a cover which really gives your vehicle good coverage, so that you do not have any kind of problems.

Disposable Universal Plastic automobile Covers

Disposable automobile Covers are cheap and simple to use and little doubt, they have their safety that’s needed, rather than covering cars with participant film materials. That makes it a very good choice for one and all. The prices are very less and this is something very important. Not many people are sure about selecting the right options. One has to look for solutions which can help get things done in an easier way. A good car cover is always a great choice to do things in a simple way. Make sure that you buy cover from the right place.

Covers offer the most effective protection for industrial & personal use. The covers are a transparent plastic material with elastic hems for simple piece of furniture.

This low price product is used by contractors, roofers, painters etc. It is not only about having a product which has got lower price, but it is about selecting a product which is having good quality and gives value for money.

Protect Against:

(a) Construction mud, this is something very important and one must pay attention to, if it is new car.

(d) Overspray’s, latex, and oil based mostly paint, solvents, etc.


  • Elastic band -guarantee a pleasant work
  • Clear plastic material
  • 3 Mil Thickness
  • Retail packing for marketing

Premium Quality automobile Covers – five Layers

LIMO covers supply further protection through safe, non unsafe chemical additives.

Overall sturdiness, outside protection is increased as that makes it a very good choice…

Premium covers supply equivalent advantages of a regular quality cover. In addition, they stand up to direct heat and daylight for long periods of your time and offer water resistance. Make sure, that you visit, for more information.

About the automobile cover Company

Today, over 10 forms of materials and twenty forms of fitments are offered. If you go in for a good brand, then you will get quality and there is no looking back.

Products offered

  • Exterior Accessories:- Car covers, truck covers, SUV Covers, Van Covers, ATV Covers, motorcar covers, etc.
  • Interior Accessories:- Auto Seat Covers, machine floor Mats, wheel covers.
  • Accessories Aisle:- Caliper Paints; Auto care; Wheel covers, they are all of very good quality and you can make use of it without worry for anything more.

Most customers are oblivious on the number of covers offered on the web, with costs varied from underneath $30 to over $300. Covers are the most effective and most cost-effective merchandise potential. Depending on your budget you can select any one which goes per your needs.

Covers provide varied machine accessories and automobile covers to fulfill the wants of daily weather protection. Merchandise offered is for each style of automobile. Make sure, that you visit, for more information. Since there is so much of choice sometimes may act as a confusion for the buyer. So one has to research well and find something good based on their needs.

A toilet that suits your bathroom and budget

Buying a new toilet is a matter of consideration and you cannot simply buy the product after searching for it through the internet. You need to consider a lot of factors and then you would reach a product that would perfectly suit your needs. In order to get the right product, you would definitely look for the design, color and other factors that play role in making your toilet look good, but these should not be the decisive factors for your purchase. You should make the purchase after considering more important factors like how much water it would consume on a daily basis and what are the capabilities of that particular toilet when flushing technology is considered. There are modern toilets which require a lot less water to flush the waste properly. This would not only lower the water bills but would also allow you to contribute a little towards the conservation of water.

Good Vs Bad Toilet

When water conservation is discussed, a good toilet would clean the bowl in a single flush and would consume much less water as compared to the bad ones. This is the new technology and you should go for it because only then you would be able to save water. A flush that uses less than 1.6 gallons of water per flush is considered to be a good toilet and if you are looking for an even better version, you can go for best toilet that comes with dual flush technology. In this technology a separate flush is available for liquid and solid waste.

Cost range of different toilets

Cost is definitely a significant thing when you are finalizing your toilet. There are different models available and you can go as cheap as $75 and can buy expensive toilets which may cost you more than $600. It depends on the flush system, anti-clogging techniques, material used and texture of the toilet. If your toilet is used a lot, you should never go for a cheap product because this would only increase the repair and maintenance cost and this would not be a value to money purchase. Gravity toilets are considered best for those homes where a lot of people live, and toilet use is excessive.

Tips on selecting the best toilet

There are certain things that you should consider when you are buying the toilet for your new washroom. It is not only the first cost that matters, you need to estimate the repair cost and the useful life of the toilet seat before you finalize the decision. In making a good decision, following tips and considerations would play a significant role:

  • Branded models are usually available after nice discounts. Check for these discounts online before making the final call
  • Compare different products online and check the ratings and feedbacks of different people. You can make a good decision only after you have compared the products.
  • Go for a toilet that has pressure assist technology if you want a cleaner bowl with minimum consumption of water. This is especially good to install where water shortage is faced.
  • Consider the size of your washroom, you can select a wall hung seat which would make the cleaning process quite easier.
  • Do not purchase the best toilet without taking the exact measurements. Normally 12-inch toilets are sold but you should be sure about the exact size and diameter, before you purchase the seat especially through online sellers.
  • If water conservation is your first priority, make sure that you have checked the products which come with dual flush technology. This technology best toilet will ensure saving water and would reduce the water bills to a great extent
  • Consider buying taller toilets for your home, especially if you have an elder member at home. These toilets are easier to use for people having back and knee problems

Selection of color for toilet seats

When it comes to the selection of toilet color, it is very important to make a prudent decision because the color would determine the value of your house after few years. If you have installed different colored toilets in your home, then it is likely to fetch less value for your home after few years. However, if you install plain and simple colors you would get much more return when you decide to sell the immovable property.

Purchasing a toilet is not easy, especially if you do not have a prior experience. It is better to research market a lot before making the final decision. There are a lot of options available now and selection of best toilet would primarily depend on the preferences you make. If you have no experience, you should consult a relevant person or should make a search of toilets in budget over the internet. Internet is a great platform to get an idea about the prices of different products under same brand.

The repair and maintenance of these toilets is another important thing that plays its role when it comes to make a good decision. You should not buy a product whose parts are not easily available in the market because after a year or so, you would be required to replace some parts and it would get a serious issue in finding those parts. Buying a mid-range toilet with easy availability of spare parts might be the best thing to do when you have to purchase toilet commodes.

How companies make use of cost benefit analysis templates

You might have heard the term cost and benefit analysis. Accountants use this term frequently in order to assess the benefits of certain costs that are incurred by the organization. This is a great method to identify the costs which are producing high benefit for the company as compared to the costs which are bringing no benefit. This analysis allows the management to reduce the overall cost of the company by using alternatives available and spending the costs properly. For this purpose, a lot of cost benefit analysis template are available on the internet which can be used in order to run this analysis even by a layman. For instance, you want to check for the home repair and maintenance cost, you need not to be an accountant for this purpose. You can simply download the template, print it and write the different expenses you have incurred in the past. Compare the cost with the benefits to reach a final decision about future costs.

Tell if you are spending properly

These templates are a best source to answer a basic question: Are you spending properly? If the answer is yes, you must be having profits in your business. If you think that the profits are getting low, you should check for the past expenses. There must be some redundant expenses with no actual benefit to the organization. If you are unsure about the costs that are being incurred, you would have less control over the profits of your organization and this way you would not be able to enjoy the maximum potential your business has.

Is it important for businesses?

Many business owners think that it is enough if they are writing the incomes and expenses properly. However, this does not provide the complete picture. Further, there is always a risk of fraud if you are not properly planning for the incurred costs in your business. In order to run the business in a perfect way, you should not only jot down all the relevant accounting information, but you should also focus on the finance side and that is consideration of the benefits and risks associated with the spending. By doing so, you would come in a better position to assess the status of your business. It is very important for all the businesses to run cost and benefit analysis through cost benefit analysis template because these templates contain all the important information which is required to run this analysis.

Recurring vs non-recurring costs

It is important to ascertain which costs are recurring in nature and which are not. This is also part of the cost and benefit analysis and only a good report designed to meet this criterion would be able to provide you with the relevant information. The non-recurring costs are more important to assess because there might be some risks involved which can lead to fraudulent activities. On the other hand, it is important to assess the recurring costs to minimize the costs which are providing no benefit to the organization in the long run. Some organizations keep on doing some redundant costs for the sake of their presence in the market, this means that the cost and benefit analysis should be run with proper insight of the business and specific industrial knowledge.

Things to consider while creating the analysis

When you are doing the analysis for cost and benefit, you should make sure that following things are considered properly by the accountant responsible for this task. If he misses the following things, the report might not be of any value!

  • Make sure that no information is missed
  • Evaluate the costs properly for items involving non-cash considerations
  • Create table and charts and focus on the overall picture of the costs
  • Ascertain the benefits properly and avoid using estimates, unless required
  • Make reports comparable to past periods to assess the improvements

Benefits of cost and benefit analysis

There are certain benefits of using cost benefit analysis template for your business. You can easily assess the benefits of specific costs and can reduce the overall cost by stopping to spend on items which are no more required by the organizations. There are many intangible items for which company usually pays more than the benefits, therefore it is important to include all those intangible assets in the report to make sure that no vague expenses are recorded. Following are some of the salient benefits of using these reports:

  • This analysis provides great information in simple format
  • This analysis helps to compare different projects and costs involved
  • This analysis helps the human resource department to manage the staff
  • Cost and benefit analysis help an organization to achieve all its objectives
  • This analysis provides a clear picture about the expense structure
  • This analysis improves the decision-making power of the organization

From where to get these templates?

There are many places on the internet from where you can download cost benefit analysis template. You can also create these templates on your own, but this is not recommended when free versions of these templates in different formats are easily available. However, you should always be careful while selecting the website from which you are downloading the format because not all the websites are able to provide the correct templates. As accounting and finance is involved, these reports should only be downloaded from the authenticated and reputed websites for which positive feedbacks are already present on the web.

What To Look For In A Brand When Buying Shower Doors

One of the best ways to make your bathroom look elegant and nice is the shower doors. Without shower doors, your bathroom will look plain, simple and ordinary. And because of the high demands and the need of every bathroom to have a shower door, there are many brands around that manufacture and offer shower doors. Shower doors come in different kinds, there are frameless, framed doors, sliding and more, choosing which one to install in your bathroom is actually easier than considering which brand to buy them from.

The brand can make or break your overall satisfaction, hence it is only imperative that you spend some time thinking and analyzing which brand is best for you to consider when buying one. There are many brands to mention and each of them has their own strength and weaknesses to offer consumers.

To help you in finding the best brand for your shower doors, read this article.

What To Look For In A Brand When Buying Shower Doors

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a brand for your shower doors and the most important are enumerated below:

  • Highly trusted brand

Make sure that the brand garners high trust rating from the community. Sure, there is no one better to attest their performance than people who tried and tested their products. When considering the trust rating of the brand, you may want to consider the following:

  • How long have they been producing shower doors? Their tenure says a lot about their reliability in this field, as no brand can last a long time unless they provide exemplary service to their customers
  • High rating from Google or other review sites. Their rating from review sites, Google and the like can help you in weighing down which brands are the most trusted and which brands would you scratch out from your list
  • Reading online reviews. Although you have to be a little careful when choosing a review to trust, as some are fabricated to market the brand, it can help you a lot in determining which brand is best to consider and which brand gives people major turn off
  • By asking around your family, friends and neighbor. The commentaries and suggestions from people around you can help you a lot in choosing which brand to trust. Two things; one, you may be introduced to good brands or two, you will be discouraged to consider a specific brand
  • Choose a brand that has an available customer service to contact

Some do not consider this factor as much when choosing a brand to trust. But actually, customer service support is very important when deciding which among the many brands producing shower doors is worth your money. Even if you buy the best shower doors, if there is no customer service team to assist you when you need help, installation, warranty or the like, it is useless.

The brand may not have a contact number or a physical address to provide, but at least availability of an email address may suffice.

  • Offers customization

Different bathrooms call for a different requirement same as with its users, hence a brand that can let you customize their shower doors is a factor you may want to consider. You would not want to buy a bathroom door that will not provide its purpose well. Bathroom doors are a lot more expensive than curtains, hence buying it without realizing its efficiency on your bathroom is big no.

There are many brands in the market that offer shower door customization, the customization may include appearance, usability, materials used and sizing. Take advantage of this opportunity to ensure that the money you will use to buy shower doors is worthy.

Sure, customization may add to its price, but as long as it can serve its purpose well enough, there is no reason not to stretch your budget a bit.

  • Availability of parts

Choose the brand that will not give you a hard time finding parts for replacement. Make sure that the parts of the door is highly available in the market, hinges, door handles to name a few. You would not want to spend a long time on the road looking for a handle to replace your shower door’s handle to make it functional and usable again. It is best if the brand has many authorized dealers or at least a site where you can place your orders with no sweat.

Make sure that the brand understands your need and have it covered for your convenience.

  • Offers good amount of warranty

Choose a brand that offers good amount of warranty. Sure, you can also consider shop’s warranty but needless to say, there is nothing better than enjoying warranty straight from the manufacturer. Choose a brand that offers good amount of warranty coverage to their customers, warranty must include good inclusions, date coverage and authorized representatives to attend to your needs when repair and issues arise.

The amount of warranty they can provide can help you a lot in deciding which among the brands is best for you to trust.

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This is how the vegan ketogenic diet works

A ketogenic diet was first used in 1900 as a treatment for epileptic children. Nowadays it has become a very well-known diet for losing weight. This diet is based on a very low intake of carbohydrate and a very high intake of fat with a moderate protein intake. Here then the fat is used as the main source of energy.

However, it should be noted that the ketogenic diet is not a continuous diet. The implementation of a few weeks to a few months is also classified by the science as not dangerous. There are currently no long-term studies for this area.

The functioning of the vegan ketogenic diet confirms that the vegan version is only one point different from the normal keto diet. The vegan ketogenic diet dispenses with food of animal origin.

After about 3-4 days with a very small increase in carbohydrate (ie less than 20 grams per day), the carbohydrates stored in the body are no longer sufficient to meet the needs. Therefore, another energy source is needed here from the central nervous system.

When carbohydrate intake stops, the body can use free fatty acids as an alternative source of fat. An exception is the brain. The brain needs the so-called ketones as a by-product of incomplete breakdown of free fatty acids in the liver.

Then, when the brain begins to use these ketones as their main source of energy, we talk about a so-called ketosis stage. The ketone body serves as a marker for ketosis in the blood.

Then, when the body uses fat as its main source of energy, the blood glucose stays in a stable state. When such a ketogenic diet is performed, the body primarily degrades amino acids from protein for glucose delivery during the first few days.

As a consequence, the delivery of glucose from fat increases and this is associated with a reduction in the provision of amino acids. Thus, a calorie deficit develops and the ketogenic diet consumes more fat than is the case with a regular diet.

The science is not yet agreed whether it comes in a keto diet strong weight loss. An appetite reduction occurs because protein has a high impact on satiety because the hormones responsible for hunger are better regulated. The ketone bodies are appetite-inhibiting. In addition, there is a reduction in lipogenesis and an increase in lipolysis. This results in a more efficient lipid metabolism.

The benefits of a vegan keto diet

Adhering to a vegan diet reduces the risk of chronic health conditions. These include heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. When the keto diet is applied to a vegan diet, it reduces the risk factors for heart disease, the poor image of the LDL cholesterol and hypertension.

Foods that should not be used when making a vegan keto diet

In such a diet, the intake of carbohydrates must be replaced by healthy fats and vegan protein products. Thus, no animal products (including eggs, meat, poultry, seafood and dairy products) should be eaten. Specifically, in meat and poultry, for example, this is beef, chicken, turkey or pork. For dairy products, do not use butter, yogurt or milk yourself. Eggs are egg yolks and egg whites. The seafood includes fish, shrimp and mussels.